Jack Viant 🦕️
Illustrator & Designer

Elmer The Elephant

#Illustration #Design #Kidlit #3D #Animals

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary since Elmer The Patchwork Elephant came to be. Andersen Press teamed up with St Luke’s Hospice and Wild in Art to create a trail of over 40 Elmer sculptures around Plymouth. 

Artists got to submit proposals in a chance to nab on to design. I was lucky enough to get one, it was super exciting.

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The process was a long but interesting one, I was the only artist who had elected to create all his designs digitally and then wrap the sculpture in vinyl.
I thought it would be the easiest option… ha!

Firstly I had to create the artwork and then test them out on the sculpture for scale, I also spray painted the elephant at this point, I thought 3 cans would be enough…

Anyhow, scroll down to see the full project and how it turned out :) 


Wanna see a timelapse of the vinyl wrapping process? Course you do!

5 hours condensed down into 57 seconds.

There was laughter, and some tears, mostly laughter...

Look at my green socks too, never a dull day on my ankles, I’ll tell you that for nothing.
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