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The Squiggly Wiggly Giant Squid

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In the summer of 2017, I was told that a giant squid was coming to the Royal William Yard in Plymouth.

Naturally, I wanted to get involved!

The “squid” was actually a giant installation piece by Architects Moradavaga, super cool!

I worked with Urban Splash to make a trail for families to help promote the squid being installed over the summer holidays.

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Urban Splash wanted a poster to promote the arrival of their giant squid installation. This poster then became a passport and fun vinyl stickers of the squid and its friends.

Take a look at my proud face and celebratory Kronenburg 1664. That’s the face of someone who is chuffed that their sticker sheet came out alright!


The Passport had a little map which showed the locations of the characters around the yard.

Each character had a letter with it, families were encouraged to use the passport to write down the letter and try to figure out the anagram, which you needed all letters to complete.

Upon completing the anagram, families could bring their completed passport to any of the restaurants at the Yard and they would be rewarded with a sticker sheet. 

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The squid remained at the yard for quite some time so I got to revisit the project a second time the following year.

This time I got to make colouring sheets, sit with families on launch day, colour some squids and talk illustration, it was a great time. 

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